Matthew Jaggard

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Personal Data

Date of Birth
Marital Status
18th October 1982
Driving Licence
Car Owner
1 month
Full, Clean

Work Experience


iPSL: Enterprise Service Management - Maintaining and developing the service management system, consisting of a number of dashboards that are monitored 24x7 showing server health, redundancy and the progress of cheque clearing processes with alerts for late work. Supporting the enterprise reporting system, showing any SLA and OLA failures.

Using Vantage Service Manager, Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager, Alarmpoint and custom Java programs and SQL procedures to perform monitoring. Using custom XSL transformations with Javascript, HTML and CSS to display static and AJAX dashboards and in some cases to create a full AJAX user interface.

Responsible for a project to deliver dashboards showing information about sorter usage, cleaning and maintenance - retrived via a raw socket from Unix and via SQL from Windows-based systems - to the users and managers in order to help lower reject rates and sorter downtime.

2007-2010 Internet Services Manager - Managing a team to maintain and develop all internet ticket sales sites I improved efficiency - halving the staff required. I was then able to offer new services using my technical skills, increase the on call support and define service level agreements, building the department both in numbers and in skills.

I am the expert and excalation point for the company in both ProVenueOnline (our online ticket sales system) and in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and Java. In this role I have produced many solutions, ranging from simple scripts resolving minor issues to large systems for monitoring services and simplify parts of the company's work.
An example of this is a dashboard that I have produced using JavaScript to show the health of many services during high demand periods. Another example is an XSL transformation to show the XML documents sent by one of the systems in an easy to read HTML format.

Worked with senior management, an offshore development team and Barclays to obtain accreditation for the integration of 3D Secure in ProVenueOnline.

Written a web application in Java to offer a new service to the UK customers. This involved detailed requirements gathering, design and implementation. The application makes extensive use of XML interfaces to interract with other systems.
Set up a cluster of Tomcat and a cluster of MySQL servers along with Linux based load balancers, in order to balance requests and provide high availability to this web application.


Freetimers Internet: Web Programmer - Working in a small web design and programming company, initially in site optimisation for client website position in search engine results.

Designing and writing database applications and extending existing applications as well as maintaining existing code by finding and correcting bugs in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS code for security, accessibility and correct functionality.


Advanced Access: Technical Support - Varied role, requiring excellent time management skills to deliver all required services. Taking calls from customers who had any kind of problem with our products or require a complex quotation. Also supporting the IT systems and products internally.

Working under the MD on the new stock control and CRM system. Testing a poorly written application and reporting bugs. Later I was responsible for fixing errors, adding new features and supporting it's use.


Hunters Solutions: Temporary - Picking and Packing at Homebase, Sorting parcels at Business Post and Driving for Car Auctions.

Temporary work in electronics as a test engineer, responsible for quality control on a production line and making suggestions to improve the efficiency or quality of the work.


Careforce: Voluntary - Working with two Methodist churches in west hull organising and directing development of childrens and youth work.

Leading assemblies and clubs in both primary and secondary schools and developing new opportunities.


Bux Corrugated: Summer work - Part of a team working machinery to tight deadlines.


Hamlin Electronics: Summer work - Sorting and packing then responsible for performing rigorous tests on recently designed components in engineering lab following advancement.

1998 & 2000-2001

Maplin Electronics: Work Experience & Part time - Using my ability to explain technical subjects to non-technical people to give advice and to sell various products.



Manchester University: BSc in Computer Science, 2:1 achieved.

3rd year project working with a PhD student and a member of research staff discussing the design and implementation of a new processor then writing an RTL level simulator in Java.

Modules included Software Engineering, High Performance Microprocessors, Concurrency, Asynchronous Systems, Discrete & Continuous Maths and Quantum Computing.


Diss High School, Norfolk

A-levels: Maths (A), Physics (B), Computing (C), Further Maths (C), General Studies (D)


Old Buckenham High School, Norfolk - GCSEs including English with A* in Maths.

Positions of Responsibility


Treasurer, Webmaster & Vice-Musical Director, Harmony Gospel Choir: Management of society which was in £90 of debt, by the end of the year it was in credit by over £200 following skilful ticket pricing for successful concerts.


Charities officer, Dalton-Ellis Hall: Responsible for organising money raising methods.


Music Co-ordinator, Christian Union: Responsible for all music for a large group.


Christian Union hall group leader: Responsible for teaching 8-16 people and organising events. Organised the first live gig in hall, including the budget, venue, PA and band.


Treasurer, Sixth Form Committee: Elected role, responsible for financial decision making.

Additional Skills


Very good knowledge of Windows Server and Desktop, Linux and Solaris based systems.

Significant programming experience within a commercial environment in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL and Visual Basic for Applications.

Good working knowledge of Microsoft: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, Lotus: WordPro, 1-2-3 and Freelance Graphics, LaTeX, Adobe Fireworks and CorelDRAW.

Very experienced in database design, use and management using MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access.

Non-Academic Activities and Interests

Music & Church:

Grade 3 Piano, Grade 7 Trumpet, Grade 5 Music Theory.

Lead the music by playing piano in a large church in Northampton regularly.

Help to lead young people's band and to run a youth club for young people of all backgrounds aged 14-19. Responsible for dealing with behaviour and other issues as appropriate.



Prof. Steve Furber, Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL.

0161 275 6129,

(Permission required)

Mr. Andy Buckland,, Elder House, Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR.

01908 300 190,